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Hello! How are you doing? I hope you all survived the crazy heat we have had recently.

This week you may have noticed that here at Katie Creates we launched three new comforters!

Here we have the Elephant Comforter, the Duckling Comforter and the Lamb Comforter! What do you think? The elephant might be my new favourite Katie Creates product!

We now have ten different comforters available in our store. Each comforter is made up of two parts: the head/animal sewn securely to the middle of a small blanket. We use three different blanket styles: the star blanket, the granny square blanket and the corner to corner blanket. All of these symmetrical and when laid flat, each blanket measures 11inches. 

Each comforter costs £15 and almost all of them can be customised - either the animal or the blanket colours can be your choice! Just send us a message and we will work with you to create the perfect, unique comforter.

Star Blanket Comforters

Teddy Bear


Rainbow Owl



Corner to Corner Blanket Comforters


Currently this is the only comforter which uses this style blanket. I have plans to add at least four more products to this collection (see below for more details!) and some of them will be on this gorgeous blanket style.

Granny Square Blanket Comforters

Freddie the Fox



Bunny Rabbit

Comforters Coming Soon...

I love this collection so much, and I love adding to it. I remember when my Beanie was cooking I spent ages looking for comforters to get her - she ended up with a pink elephant one. They are such lovely gifts and babies & children love them. I have a *loooong* list of products to add to the store, including four comforters. This includes a mouse, giraffe, panda and penguin style comforters. I will probably add others too, so watch this space!

Thanks for reading. Do let me know which is your favourite comforter, and what style you would like to see added as well.

Take care,


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